What are the simple and quick steps to take care of my skin daily?

Simple steps for skincare:


1) Cleansing the face: Relatively speaking, the cleansing of the face is an essential part of our daily routine that cannot be missed. When we are doing facial cleansing, it can help wash away the dirt and some makeup residue on the skin, thereby helping the skin to clear the pores.


2) Toner: After washing your face, it will be beneficial if we put the toner over which will help the skin to absorb better.


3) Essence: apply the essence on the skin and tap it, this step will help the skin to replenish enough nutrients.


4) Day Cream: It can promote skin repair, moisturising, anti-wrinkle and firming effect.


5) Sun protection: Finally, don't forget to apply sunscreen.


It is important to choose the skin care products that have antioxidant, moisturising and renewing effects.