Intensive Collagen

Suitable: For combination of oily, open and large pores skin
Duration: 90 Mins
Active Ingredients: Linden, Crataegi, Licorice, Chamomile Extract
Effectiveness: Maintains skin’s hydration and balances skin’s PH level and oiliness, reduce forming of comedones

Vitamin C Glow Treatment

Suitable: For oily, dull, uneven tone, dry, dehydrated and wrinkled skin
Duration: 100 Mins

Active Ingredients: Left vitamin C extract, Horsetail extract, Rosemary leaf extract
Effectiveness: Strengthens metabolism, promotes collagen synthesis, prevent skin from sagging, smoothen wrinkles, reduce open pores, brighten the skin, moisturise and keep the skin young

Bio Dermabrasion Treatment

Suitable: Open pores, blackheads, milia, pigmentation, uneven tone skin
Duration: 90 Mins

Active Ingredients: Botanical extract, Witch hazel extract, Horsetail extract
Effectiveness: Removes clogged and dead cells on skin, balances the PH of the skin, and helps vitalising and whitening of the skin