Botanical Facial

Suitable: All skin types
Duration: 70 Mins
Active Ingredients: Linden, Licorice, Arnica, Rosemary

                                     Effectiveness: Restore skin’s moisture and strengthen skin's tissue.


Sebum Control

Suitable: For combination of oily and acne skin
Duration: 90 Mins
Active Ingredients: Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree, Cypress, Linden
Effectiveness: Reduce the activeness of the sebaceous gland and control the oiliness of the skin

Collagen Treatment

Suitable: For dry, tight, sagging and sensitive skin
Duration: 90 Mins
Active Ingredients: Amino Acid, Allantois, Chamomile
Effectiveness: Retain the skin moisture, tone up the skin and the skin’s immune system

Painless Extraction

Suitable: For dry and dehydrated sensitive skin, with large pores and blackheads
Duration: 90 Mins
Active Ingredients: Linden, Cratagus, Ivy and Chamomile
Effectiveness: Purifies and shrinks pores, calms inflammation, leaving skin delicate and moisturised